XenForo add-ons

The following add-ons were custom-developed both for clients and the developer’s personal use.  They are not available for download to the general public.  They are, however, available as part of an overall broader service of custom development, design and consulting services.


[WMG] Article Thread Create Permission

Current version: 2.2.2

Adds a permission set to allow or disallow the creation of an Article thread type.  You will find a new permission under the “Forum permissions” category called “Can create article thread.”  Note that this add-on will work only in general discussion forums where all four thread types are allowed (discussion, poll, article, question).  It will have no effect in an article forum, in other words–you can lock down posting permissions with the existing permission sets in XenForo, as you would with any node.


[WMG] Question Thread Create Permission

Current version: 2.2.2

As above, but it adds a permission set for the Question thread type, with a new permission entitled “Can create question thread.”


[WMG] Display Post on Page Node

Current version: 2.2.3

This add-on lets you display the first post in a thread inside of a page node or on a page in the help system. This is necessary since there is no text editor for page nodes or help pages; all formatting in the post is displayed on the pages, and staff can be assigned to maintain the pages if necessary.  This add-on simply installs a callback that can be used in the page node setup to retrieve the post.


[WMG] Default Avatar Border

Current version: 2.2.2

This adds a semi-transparent border to the default XenForo dynamic avatars, using CSS.


[WMG] Move Article Author Block

Current version: 2.2.2

The existing XenForo article layout confusingly puts the author block at the bottom of an article.  This puts it in its proper position at the top of the article, where bylines typically belong.  It also reformats the layout of the author block to remove excess information.


[WMG] Thread Starter Banner

Current version: 2.2.2

This simply adds a “Thread Starter” banner beneath the member avatar.


[WMG] Widget Customizations

Current version: 2.2.2

With widgets being narrow in the sidebar, removing the user’s avatar and removing indicators with Font Awesome icons  saves precious space, rendering a much simpler list.



About version numbers…

Rather than follow a practice of starting at 1.0.0, I version my add-ons by keeping them in sync with the current XenForo version for which they were created.  That means if an add-on needs no modification for the next XenForo version, I may bump the version number without making any changes to the add-on itself.  If I need to make changes to a current add-on, I will bump them to the next patch level.

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